The New Car

Feb Update

Not much to show on the car but a lot of work has been done.  I’ve been finalizing the suspension design, especially the bellcranks and control arms.  

The last week of the month, Maria and I went to San Francisco.  She had a class on Friday so I made a few visits while she was in class.  I stopped by Performance Shock Inc. at Sonoma Raceway park and met Bruce Ritchie, the owner.  My purpose was to start choosing shock/spring setups.  Bruce was very helpful and gladly pulled a number of parts out of stock so I could see them, measure, take pictures, etc. 

I’ve decided to use the Ohlins TTX series dampers.


I also visited Bay Area Metal Fab – a fabrication shop in Benicia, CA.  Jerry, the owner, was kind enough to take time to show me his Bend Tech Dragon.  The Dragon is a plasma tube cutting tool.  It’s pretty expensive for a one-time use so I will most likely start by having the tubes cut by another vendor.

I’m starting to get anxious about getting off the computer and into the shop to start building this thing!