Mar’s MG – Specs

Year, Make, Model1975 MG Model B
EngineChevrolet 60 degree V6, 3.5L "3500". Iron block, aluminum heads & intake manifold. The engine is just over 200 HP with about 200 lb ft of torque.
ExhaustTubular headers, stainless 2 into 1 setup. 2" tubes from headers to merge collector, 2.5" into Magnaflow muffler and resonator muffler.
The swapThe motor mounts, headers, engine wiring harness, driveshaft and a number of other odds and ends from British Car Conversions. Marc at BCC was great to deal with and makes very nice parts. There was still quite a bit of parts to make but the BCC parts really saved a lot of time. Also, Marc put together a very nice list of part numbers for all the various sensors, clutch, bellhousing, etc. and did all the hard work of figuring all that stuff out.
Chassis modsLowered 1.5" to "Chrome Bumper MGB height. This was done with an early crossmember, steering rack mount modification and rear spring blocks. All new MGB brakes were also fitted.