Rob's 427

Oil Filter Adapter

I’m planning on running an external filter and oil cooler.   I found a Trans-Dapt adapter that would bolt onto the FE block oil filter pad and had 1/2″ NPT threaded bosses – perfect, right?  Wrong…  Since the plumbing is directly between the oil pump and the main galleries, I feel it’s important to have large lines, to minimize the restriction.  For that reason, I want to run -10 AN lines.  In the first picture, you can see the 1/2″ NPT to -10 AN adapters.  The Trans-Dapt pad’s bosses are too close together for -10 lines.  No way I’m going to reduce line size to -08 so I decided to make a new adapter.  Works great!  The AN adapters fit – you can easily put the hoses onto the NPT/AN adapters without the hex fittings hitting each other.  It was a bit of work with a manual mill, but this sort of stuff is actually kind of fun to make.