The New Car


When I was a kid, a “race car” was a mid-late 60s “pre aero” Formula One car or a similar aged Indy car.  Around 1982 or so, I ran across a 2 page photo spread in Dune Buggies & Hot VWs magazine titled “Outrageous”.  It was sort of a 2 seat version of Formula Vee car (VW power).  It reminded me of those old F1 cars.  Ever since then, I’ve dreamed about building a car like that.

Getting Rob’s 427 on the road was very rewarding and the first year was full of smiles, driving, cruise-ins and a few car shows.  I still love the car but truth be told, I miss the build process.

In October 2014, I ran across the BAC Mono somewhere on the web.  I immediately sent my brother an e-mail that said, “THIS is what I wish I was doing for a living – building something like this!”.  I saw it as a modern version of the car I’ve long dreamed about. Albeit, the Mono is a single seater and my dream car can carry 2 people.  I’ve been wanting to build a car like this for 30 years…  why did it take me so long to figure it out?

A few weeks later, my friend Lee Hamrick invited me to the SEMA show.  I was very excited as I’d wanted to go for several years.  After the first day of the show, I was really amazed at the incredible cars on display.  Later that night, Lee and I had a long conversation about cars in general and what we liked and that’s when I realized that I really wanted to design and build a car from scratch.

Enter, the new car plan.   

High level goals:

  • Very high performance, suitable for “track days” but also street legal.
  • Fun to drive, but offering a challenge, “Are you ready for more?”
  • Should make you say, “I gotta have that!” when you see it.
  • It has to sound GREAT.   That means good engine and exhaust system choices.

Based on this, the design criteria landed on:

  • Mid/rear engine, rear wheel drive
  • Side-by-side seating
  • Very low center of gravity
  • Highly capable suspension and brakes
  • Does not cost a fortune to operate
  • Approximately 80″ wide, 40″ tall, 100-105″ wheelbase
  • Doesn’t require a second mortgage to build

This is going to be fun!