The New Car

Tooling Up Pt 2

More fabrication tools to add to the fun!   First up is a Pro Tools hydraulic tube bender.  Right now I just bought 1 die (1.5″ 6″ CLR 180 deg) to get started on the car chassis.   Next is a Tab and Slot 2′ x 4′ welding table.  This is a really cool design and affordable compared to the competition.   Stuff like Bluco or Stronghand is out of my price range.  This did require a bit of assembly but all the laser cut parts went together very well.  The stand is also laser cut so it was a quick build.   Speaking of welding, I converted my TIG setup to water cooling.  I bought a CK 225 torch and a Dynaflux cooler.  This required modifying my cart since the cooler wouldn’t fit.  This is a pretty small cart but I like the small size and managed to get everything squeezed in.  The new torch is smaller and the water cooler keeps it cool really well.

And finally, a Swag Offroad finger press brake for my Harbor Freight press.  This is another kit that requires some assembly & welding, but it looks to be a nice piece also.  In the process of assembling the press brake, the original Harbor Freight jack gave up so I upgraded to an air/hydraulic model.